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Welcome to a unique digital magazine! Make yourself at home, and get ready to be inspired to cook something! 

I grew up living the “farm-to-table” lifestyle before the current trend made it a “thing”! It was just the normal way of doing things on a farm. There’s nothing new under the sun!
At 10 years old, showing my Angus steer, Sparky!

At 10 years old, showing my Angus steer, Sparky!


I’m Chef Lisa Bellan and this website and digital magazine is my labor of love.  I’m a fifth-generation Midwestern farm girl who grew up living the “farm-to-table” lifestyle, years before it was trendy.  I’ve spent decades (I won’t say exactly how many!) as a cook, personal chef, caterer, teacher, and owner of a 5-star rated café. My food is “homey”, a reflection of my roots, with a few twists!  I believe that great food need not be fancy, but it must be honest, simple, and made from fresh, quality ingredients.

My website and digital magazine are designed to share with you the recipes and techniques I’ve acquired from years of cooking professionally. The digital format allows me to be responsive to members, embracing the growing community of people who crave my style of food, always striving to keep it fresh!  I believe you’ll appreciate the opportunity to add new recipes and skills to your own culinary back pocket and join me and the rest of the Feast family as we cook our way through the seasons. Here’s a quick overview of the features of Feast of Eden Cooks at Home!

·         When you sign up for Chef Lisa’s Emails, you’ll get a weekly email with a free “preview” recipe, all of which are available to anyone on the website.  But that is just a nibble of the much bigger pie that members enjoy!

Here are things you’ll love as a member-(the rest of the pie)!

·         Monthly digital magazine published with exclusive Member’s Only tried-and-true seasonal recipes, some with professionally produced video demonstrations.  (About 200 recipes per year!)

·         Ask the Chef is the place where your cooking or food questions are answered by me and shared for all members to access and learn from

·         Chef’s Notes is the place where I share my tricks, tips, and hacks for making cooking easier! 

·         Video section where all of the professionally produced videos are at your fingertips. 

·         Search Function helps you find recipes using a key word or ingredient

·         All Recipes index lists every recipe on the site by category

·         Full-color printable recipes with photos allowing the creation of a Feast of Eden Cooks at Home! Cookbook (there’s even a video about that!).

·         There are never ads, banners, or pop-ups to distract you, making it well worth the low monthly subscription fee!


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".....but he who is of a merry heart has a continual feast."  Proverbs 15:15
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