Happy New Year! Let's make some food memories in 2017

Happy New Year!

I am forever excited about the possibilities a new year brings; in my mind each one is a blank journal, waiting to be filled with the events of the coming year.  2016's journal is now complete, tucked away for cherishing and remembering; hopefully yours contains some memories of food from Feast of Eden!  It thrills me to think that we will be making some food memories together this coming year, too, and it all starts with this month's edition.  Here's a quick preview of what's coming in the January Edition!

Multi-grain Banana Pancakes are truly special, and a great start to any day.  Pancakes made with anything other than white flour tend to be a bit heavy, but my special technique yields a fluffy, healthy version.  Give them a try this coming weekend!  (And of course, you can make them without the bananas.)

Several recipes from the cafe make for a great lunch experience!  Skinny Vegetable Soup is figure-friendly and delicious!  Chock-full of fresh veggies, it is a tasty way to satisfy hunger without a lot of calories. The Righteous Roast Beef Sandwich was a wildly popular special sandwich; try it once and you'll understand why! Serve some Roasted Sweet Potato Salad on the side, a unique salad with Latin flavors, and also very healthy.  Of course, my Favorite Lemon Bars would be the perfect lunch-ending treat; a little bite of summer in the dead of winter!

Butterflied Roast Chicken with Herbs de Provence and Smashed Roasted Potatoes is simple to make, utterly delicious, and company-worthy.  The chicken roasts over the potatoes, infusing them with its herbs and juices, and then the potatoes are smashed and served on the side.  Since the pan juices are smashed into the potatoes, no gravy or sauce is needed!  Upscale Spinach Saute' would be great on the side, all dressed up with pine nuts and a splash of balsamic, it lends a bit of brightness to the meal. 

The dessert this month is an heirloom recipe from my childhood, and the state pie of Indiana!  Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie is decadent, and has a storied past, which I share in the video.  Be sure to check it out and give this amazing recipe a try.

Don't forget to utilize the member feature, "Ask the Chef" to get your personal cooking questions answered.  Of course, each week there will be an additional recipe available in the preview recipes, and members can look forward to a Farm Journal Cookbook heirloom recipe, as well.  I have so many ideas in the works; I can't go fast enough!  I am relieved that the holidays are behind us, with all of that added busyness.

Believing that 2017 will be awesome for all!  Please stay in touch; I love your comments and questions.  And if you're still just checking things out, it's time to take advantage of the two-week free trial.  There's also a new single-pay 12 month subscription that will help you save money.  Just click here to sign up!  Here's to all that lies ahead!


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