February Edition


In the Midwest, where I live, this month is typically a continuation of the cold and snow that arrive in November.  Spring is still months away, and I confess to frequently daydreaming about it, browsing seed catalogs and garden magazines for ideas to use when the ground finally thaws and warms up, it's earthy scent in my nose and some of it under my nails as I dig and plant!  February is a great month to fly away to a warm destination, a break that makes the remainder of winter a bit more bearable.  Since that is not an option this year, I am concentrating on the events that are on deck this month: my brother, son, grandson, and assorted other relatives have birthdays, my wedding anniversary and birthday are this month, there's Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine's Day, and a cooking class to present for a community group.  Not exactly the same as lying under an umbrella on the beach with an adult beverage in hand, but good stuff nonetheless.

There's some good stuff in this month's edition, and plenty to give you inspiration to head into the kitchen and give these recipes a spin!  There's a recipe or two for every occasion in February, and to enjoy everyday at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Without a doubt you are about to discover a dish that will be showing up regularly on your table!

Remember, you can ask any cooking question via the "Ask the Chef" feature!  I will get back with an answer and all the help I can offer ASAP.  I love hearing from all of you.

Be blessed, and get ready to explore all that this month has to offer!

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