Weighing Ingredients is most accurate!

Producing food in large batches, such as at the cafe, requires different methods than when making smaller quantities.  Weight, rather than volume, was the way ingredients were measured.  Weighing ingredients is also more accurate, particularly in baking, and I prefer that method.  A kitchen scale is one of my "can't live without" items!  No, I am not telling you that from now on I am only going to use weight measurements in the recipes!  But you may find it useful in your kitchen and I would encourage you to experiment with that.  To help you get started I've created a list of common ingredients and their weight measure compared to their volume measure.  I hope you find this helpful!

All-Purpose Flour                                          1 cup                      4 1/4   ounces

Self-Rising flour                                             1 cup                      4         ounces

Baking Powder                                               1 teaspoon            5          grams

Granulated Sugar                                            1 cup                     7          ounces

Confectioner's Sugar (powdered)                  1 cup                     4          ounces

Brown sugar (dark or light, packed)               1 cup                     7 1/2    ounces

Yeast, instant (2 1/4 t.=1 pkg.)                         2 1/4 teaspoons        1/4     ounce

Butter                                                                1/2 cup, 1 stick       4        ounces

Milk                                                                    1 cup                      8         ounces

Oils (olive, vegetable, etc.)                               1 cup                      7         ounces

Vegetable shortening                                        1/2 cup                  6 1/2    ounces


Create your own additions by weighing ingredients as you cook!  Keep a list of the weights of ingredients you use frequently.  No dirty measuring cups or spoons, just weigh into the container, resetting the scale to zero as you add each new ingredient! Please leave your comments below, and if you have questions, use the "Ask the Chef" form.
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