Gas or Electric Oven?

Hi Lisa,
I love cooking on a gas cook top....But the oven not so much....I find the food comes out differently. What is your opinion of cooking with gas or electric?  Primarily ovens.
Thanks- I love what you are doing. Your recipes are fabulous and tasty!

Great question, Toni! 

There are many pros and cons to electric and gas cooking.  I am going to address the oven differences, since that seemed to be your main question. 

Gas:  It heats quickly, and the temperature is quickly adjustable.  Also, you can operate a gas oven during a power outage!  Gas ovens tend to be more expensive to purchase and install, but a little bit less costly to operate than electric ovens.  However, I find the food in a gas oven has to be rotated more because there tend to be hot and cool areas inside the oven.  Also, gas burns at a hotter temperature (which may result in a hotter kitchen), and because of that moisture is released.  That isn’t good for roasting and most baking.  I have even noticed steam forming on the inside of an oven door while it is preheating due to this.  This is probably what you are noticing, and that is my primary “con” for gas ovens.

Electric:  They tend to heat slowly, and cook slower than their gas counterpart.  The heat in an electric oven is definitely dryer, and the oven heat tends to be more even.  I definitely prefer an electric oven for baking and roasting.

It is notable that the design and quality of any appliance dramatically effects performance.  In my dream kitchen I would have an electric, gas, and convection oven so that the perfect piece of equipment would be available for any given project.  Oh well, a girl can dream!

Thanks, Toni!

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