Welcome March!

Welcome March!

There's an old saying of March, "in like a lion, out like a lamb".  Hopefully that will hold true in 2017.  Here in the Midwest we were hit with some potent storms, including heavy rain, thunder, lightening, hail, and even a few devastating tornadoes overnight and into the first day of March, a volatile beginning to the month.  March is always a roller coaster ride, weather-wise, and this March is no exception so far.  It will be no surprise to experience a snow storm before month's end, but hopefully March's exit will be gentle as a lamb!

The official arrival of Spring is not far off, as is Lent, St. Patrick's Day, and March Madness (nickname for the college basketball tournament, for my non-sports fans out there).  Back when my children were growing up, baby goats were born, and twice-a-day milking got underway again in March.  Cheese, butter, and ice cream fabrication quickly followed.  Spring fever hits hard about now, and the itch to plant things is strong among gardeners and farmers, and some brave bulbs and perennials now brave the cold to bloom. Hens that languished during the short days of winter now start laying eggs like crazy, and who isn't inspired to get into the kitchen by a few dozen beautiful eggs? The roller coaster ride does have its ups!

I know you will be inspired to get into the kitchen to try out the recipes this month.  From Corned Beef & Cabbage Shepherd's Pie (served with a side of Sauteed Green Beans with Garlic & Almonds), to Lent-friendly Greek Tuna Pasta Salad and Favorite Salmon Cakes, there are dishes for every taste!  Celebrate the arrival of spring with a sunny breakfast that includes Fresh Berries with Spirited Greek Yogurt and Toasted Pistachio and Honey Muffins.  For those chilly days there's nothing like a bowl of Chicken Potpie Soup, or maybe a hot Reuben Sandwich for lunch.  And for dessert, Almost-Homemade Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Curd Frosting; I promise you will feel the sunshine, even if it's grey outside.

Be sure to check out the video about naked lemons; you may new learn some new prep tricks.  Later this month, the Member's Farm Journal Recipe will be published, too.  Other ideas and inspiration will be shared as it happens, so stay tuned! 

Finally, there is a Feast of Eden Cooks at Home! private Facebook page.  If you are a member and haven't been added to the group, please let me know!  I know all of my members aren't on FB, but if you are and haven't received an invite, say so!  This is a great way to stay in touch, a little less cumbersome than the website, so please take advantage of this new feature.

I am looking forward to all that this spring holds, and pray that all of you will enjoy this time when new life and new beginnings are evident everywhere.  It's never too late for a new beginning!  (If you ever question that, feel free to email me.)  Here's to an awesome March!


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