Turkey & Cranberry Panini

Turkey & Cranberry Panini

Turkey & Cranberry Panini

This panini is so delicious, and is the perfect way to make use of Thanksgiving's excess! A similar panini was served at the cafe; always a favorite! It starts with Pumpkin Yeast Bread that gets spread with Cranberry Sauce with Apricots & Sherry, some grainy mustard, roasted turkey, and your choice of cheese; I like to use Pepper Jack to give it a little zip and balance the sweetness of the sauce and bread. I suspect these may appear on the table all season long!

Equipment needed:  Panini Grill     or     12" Cast Iron Skillet and 10.25" Cast Iron Skillet

For each sandwich:

2 slices Pumpkin Yeast Bread

1 Tablespoon grainy brown or Dijon mustard

2 Tablespoons Cranberry Sauce with Apricot & Sherry

2-3 ounces roasted turkey, sliced thin and warmed in the microwave slightly

2 slices of cheese, Pepper-Jack, Co-Jack, Smoked Gouda, or your favorite

Softened Butter

Preheat the panini grill to high, or preheat the 12" skillet over medium heat.

Lay out the slices of bread on a cutting board or counter top.  Spread both sides very lightly with the mustard, then spread each slice with the cranberry sauce.  Add a slide of cheese to one slice, top with the turkey, then the second slice of cheese.  Top with the remaining slice of cheese.  Spread both side of the panini with butter and place on the panini grill (or add to the skillet.  Carefully close the lid, making sure the sandwich remains level, or place the smaller skillet on top of the sandwich in the skillet, keeping it level. (For the skillet panini: Once the bread has browned well on one side in the skillet, turn the sandwich, cook until the cheese melts and the panini is brown on the other side.)  When the panini is well browned and the cheese is melted, remove to a cutting board and allow to rest for about a minute before cutting on the diagonal.  Serve immediately.

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