USDA Guide to Seasonal Produce in the United States

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Seasonal cooking is not a new trend, it has been a necessity since the beginning of time!  I have been thinking lately about what it would have been like 200 years ago to have to cook and "put up" food here in the Midwest without electricity, refrigeration, or supermarkets.  I started thinking about how fortunate we are now; a lemon, lime, or avocado would never have been a part of our diets then.  I continued to ponder what I would cook seasonally with only products that could be grown in the Midwest.  The conclusion I came to is that I should be filled with gratitude every day for modern kitchens, conveniences, and sources of endless varieties of foods.  I do believe our ancestors would view all that we have now as culinary heaven!  (Be forewarned, my curiosity is far from sated on this topic, as I continue to think about a "Midwest-only" seasonally-driven menu, and what it would look like.)

Though we are able to purchase just about anything year-round at a supermarket, in-season, locally sourced food is always best.  I use the USDA's guide to seasonal produce (for the entire US), to help me remember what will be in season, and when, to plan seasonal menus and recipes.  It occurred to me that it would be a good resource to share!  It is useful for jogging the memory and to be reminded of the less-used produce we tend to forget about. 

Below is a link to this most useful guide. Each fruit or vegetable has a clickable link for more detailed information.  I hope you'll take advantage of this handy guide, and cook seasonally!

USDA Seasonal Produce Guide

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