White Chocolate Fudge with Cranberries, Almonds, and Pistachios

White Chocolate Fudge with Cranberries, Almonds and Pistachios

This is an oh-so-quick-and-easy recipe that is great to have on hand during the holidays.  Great in a gift bag, or on a dessert buffet, this can be mixed up in under 30 minutes, then chilled, and cut into 64 pieces.  Feel free to mix up the dried fruit and types of nuts; dried apricots or cherries, pecans, walnuts, etc.  Perfect recipe to have in your repertoire during a sometimes frantic season!

Equipment:      Offset Spatula         8" square baking pan

1 pound white chocolate, high-quality chips or bars(I would not use only chips as the fudge might be a bit waxy-use a combination or all bar chocolate.)

1 can sweetened condensed milk

1/8 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3/4 cup dried cranberries

1/2 cup each roasted pistachios and almonds

Line an 8-inch square cake pan with aluminum foil, two 8-inch wide strips long enough to leave a little overhand on the end of the pan, one going across the pan in both directions.  Spray with non-stick spray lightly.

Place the chocolate and sweetened condensed milk in a saucepan.  Melt together over low heat, stirring often, until the chocolate is completely melted and smooth. Remove from the heat and stir in the salt and vanilla.  Mix in the cranberries and nuts and combine thoroughly.

Pour into the prepared pan and smooth with an offset spatula.  Cover with plastic wrap.  Let sit at room temperature overnight, or refrigerate for a couple of hours until firm. 

Remove the candy from the pan using the foil overhangs.  Turn the candy over and remove the foil.  Cut into 8 strips in both directions, creating 64 pieces.  Store between sheets of parchment or waxed paper in an airtight container.

Refrigerate if storing for more than a day or two.  May be frozen for later use. 

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