Feast of Eden's Creation Salad

Creation Salad

Creation Salad

This was the best-selling salad at the café and with good reason!  Crispy spring greens & Romaine are the perfect foil for the combination of veggies, fruits, spiced nuts, goat cheese and croutons.  The Cranberry Vinaigrette sets the whole thing off perfectly.  This just might become your favorite salad, too!
The ingredients listed are per serving; you can prepare as much or little as you like.  Simply layer in a salad bowl in the order given and serve!  I often make this in several layers in a large bowl for a crowd, essentially several salads “stacked” in the bowl.  That way everyone gets all of the ingredients, and the latecomers aren’t left with just lettuce!  One of the secrets to a great salad is to have crisp, dry, cold salad greens.  All components should be fresh, dry, and cold.  Nobody loves a soggy, wilted salad!

2 cups greens (I mix freshly cleaned and chopped Romaine with clean, crisp, dry spring greens)

Large sprinkle of red onion, sliced paper thin (adjust according to your onion love!)

8-10 pieces of English cucumber (Slice, then halve the slices for the perfect size piece!)

½ cup Apple cubes (Use a sweet-tart apple such as Jonathon, Pink Lady, or Honeycrisp)

1 ounce of a mild, fresh goat cheese, crumbled (Substitute Feta if you’re not a goat cheese fan)

2-3 Tablespoons dried cranberries

2 Tablespoon Sweet & Spicy Nuts

Small handful of croutons(Toss stale sourdough bread cubes with some olive oil & salt. Toast in a skillet over medium heat until golden brown, stirring occasionally.  You can use purchased, but why?)

Cranberry Vinaigrette

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