Beef Taco Salad

Beef Taco Salad

Beef Taco Salad

This salad was offered as a special at the cafe and rarely failed to sell out!  It is no wonder, as the crisp Romaine topped with so many flavorful ingredients and finished with a tasty, bright dressing is satisfying on so many levels. I have listed the ingredients below; compose this salad in whatever way makes you happy!

Crisp, clean Romaine lettuce, cut into bite-sized pieces

Beef Taco Filling

Ripe tomatoes, cherry or chopped large

Shredded cheese (Mexican blend, Cheddar and Jack works here)

Avocado, cut into bite-sized pieces and sprinkled with lime juice

Scallions, thinly-sliced

Salsa of your choice

Sour Cream

Fresh Cilantro

Tortilla chips, broken into bite-sized pieces or use large ones around the edge of the bowl

Honey-Lime Dressing

Lime wedges, on the side

Fill bowl with lettuce, add a layer of all of the other ingredients in the quantity of each that you prefer.  Serve the dressing on the side.  Enjoy!

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